Water Reclamation Service New York, Water Reclamation Facility NYC

Water reclamation

Water is a precious commodity, not only that it is expensive, it is very vital for our survival. A Wash guarantees all our clients that whenever we clean or wash your house, property, sidewalks or your vehicles we can reclaim or save the used water efficiently.
Pursuant to the Clean Water Act of 1972, we will try to save as much water as we can during and after our cleaning services. Our high performance vacuum system will get more run offs or water wastage as compare to other equipment used by our competitors. Our people have handled lots of water reclamation jobs, giving them the experience to efficiently and effectively save precious water. Saved run offs can then be used to water your yard or can be used for other purposes. You can also help replenish the ground water or groundwater recharge. If you want you can give reclaimed water for agricultural purposes.
If you live in a high rise building, reclaiming the water that you have used can be a big help to the environment. This “green” idea greatly reduces your carbon footprint as well as helps provide environmentally sustainable living. Cleaning your cars or homes, windows, pavements with water would also mean lots of run offs. We are here to give you a chance to be more vigilant and help our environment. Our crew at A Wash can help discuss with you how we can save that water and use them for other meaningful purposes. This will save you money and at the same time help Mother Nature.
Our company has a proven track record when it comes not only to highly effective cleaning services but also when it comes to efficiency, not to mention the reasonable price tags that go with all our cleaning services. For a really effective water reclamation service, contact A Wash today!