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Truck Washing

Awash, with many specifically equipped mobile units and several specialized employees, the services offered can only bring you complete satisfaction. Your truck, whatever it is, is constantly subjected to numerous external aggressions: salt causes rust, pollution, dust infiltrates and creates internal damage, etc. With complete high-pressure washing equipment, Awash takes care of your trucks. Awash will provide you with a quality on site pressure wash cleaning for your fleet. A wash will work with your schedule basis on the fleet available. Call us and just enjoy the convenience of getting your fleet clean at a low price. It doesn’t matter the size of fleet; we can get all done at your satisfaction.



Awash use special detergents that ensure that your truck is sparkling clean. The agents are nevertheless gentle and do not damage paintwork or the environment. In addition, special detergents in combination with impregnation ensure that the vehicle’s paintwork stays shiny for longer and is protected from renewed soiling.



An unclean truck looks terrible, but it also gives the impression that the driver is uncomfortable with himself. It’s too simple to assume that the vehicle’s owner isn’t trustworthy. For many people, cleanliness, responsibility, and trust are all connected.

On the other hand, a truck is much more challenging to clean than a car. Awash employees have increased knowledge of all these unavoidable hassles and will help you better than anyone to fix them:

  • High-pressure cleaning: This treatment consists of high-pressure water jets to cleanse in-depth, high temperature to decrease, and a system for deoxidizing metal surfaces with mild soaps.
  • Deoxidizing treatment of external parts
  • Washing, brushing and sanitizing
  • Degreasing of trailer hitch systems
  • Degreasing and deoxidizing treatment of engine blocks
  • Soap brushing of the bodywork
  • Washing, degreasing of machinery.

Specialists and mechanics recommend repeating these methods several times a year, alternating between different techniques.

Awash also offers a personalized sanitation service for food vehicles.

Fast & Thorough

Our experienced washing staff, paired with the latest system technology, ensure short waiting times and a high-quality washing result.

Environmentally Friendly

We save water and protect the environment thanks to state-of-the-art water treatment and precise dosing of the washing additives.

Strong Service

While we clean your truck, you can bridge the waiting time with a free coffee. You can also refuel your vehicle for the onward journey.



Your truck serves as a statement as well as a mode of mobility. Keeping your truck clean can help you improve your public image while also increasing vehicle safety. With our comprehensive truck service, we can help extend the life of your vehicle by removing harmful materials like rust, grease, ice-melting chemicals, and other contaminants.

It has been proved that drivers who drive a car that is not up to standard in appearance are more likely to be stopped by the Department of Transportation. Don’t take any chances—our power cleaning services can help you stay safe on the road while also making an excellent first impression!



Clean vehicles are essential to truck and fleet owners. A clean car not only enhances your brand but also safeguards your investments.

  • Maintain a regular cleaning plan to eliminate corrosive substances such as salt, oil, and grime and protect the life of your vehicle’s outside paint and undercarriage.
  • To safeguard your fleet, the environment, and your wallet from costly regulatory fines, choose biodegradable and non-corrosive cleaning products.
  • Permanent cleaning bays in transportation terminals can be expensive. They come with the added responsibility of cleaning water recovery and disposal.

Compliance with water recovery regulations is increasingly being pressed by federal, state, and local authorities to eliminate pollution in the public water supply.

So use our truck wash, where your vehicle will be sparkling clean.