Steam Wash

When you need to do some cleaning but your basic and ordinary ways and means cannot suffice or are not enough, you need to call the experts. Steam wash is a way of removing dirt that are hard to get rid of. Using steam, we can expertly dirt when traditional cleaning methods can’t.
The usual way of cleaning things can remove the dirt on the surface, however, some dirt can stay in the pores of these surfaces. And even if you use bleach or sanitizers, bacteria or germs and virus can still survive and grow again since disinfectant act mainly on the surfaces. A Wash use steam wash cleaning service as this can be a superior method in circumstances like this one.
Our steam cleaning equipment works on very high temperatures, reaching deep down in the surface. This allows our team to reach and kill bacteria, germs and virus, as well as various organisms that thrive beneath the surfaces. After steam washing the area, we then use water and wipe the area dry with fiber cloths to effectively prevent germs from growing back.
So why steam cleaning?
Most of clients and repeat customers opted to avail of our steam wash service for its many benefits:
Steam wash allows you to have a cleaner and safer place. And at the same time dries faster as compared to traditional method. It does not leave any unhygienic residues to your surfaces. Steam wash uses very hot steam, and this kills bacteria, viruses and more. It has a better anti-bacterial efficacy as compared to conventional cleaning styles. And since we are using steam to clean the area and surface, it does not use much water, making it environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the need for lots of chemicals is greatly reduce since steam alone can kill the microorganisms.
A Wash assures all clients that all of our crews are properly trained to handle this type of cleaning service. Do not rely on traditional cleaning alone. With the current situation that we are all in, it is best to be sure. Steam wash your place and get rid of those superbugs now.