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Spill Clean up

If you have had a spill and need of a company who can respond immediately, call someone who had been in the business for years. Oil spill, fuel spill and chemical spill are just some of the many spills that happen every year. These have to be acted upon fast, safely and effectively. Failure to contain these spills may result to more accidents and injuries, and worse, fatality.
Companies like A Wash provides 24/7 emergency spill clean-up services, allowing you to have peace of mind. We respond to a range of environmental incidents and we are adept in what we do. We ensure quick yet thorough cleaning of the spills, with little to no disruption at all. We have the best equipment guaranteed to deliver the optimum results. Moreover, we have a team of highly trained response personnel. Our crew has extensive training in dealing with various emergency spill incidents.
For dry spills, our people utilize urgent solution like putting plastic or tarp over the dry spill. We cover the dry spill in order to prevent it from being blown away. W put weight over it and eventually sweeps the spill and put it on a container, securing and labeling it for proper disposal. For wet spills like oil, fuel etc., we soak it with the right absorbent like sawdust, broom the material to the spill allowing it absorb the liquid and then gather the spills and put in a container for immediate disposal. For soil that has been contaminated, we expertly remove the soil and dispose it appropriately.
Cleaning the area that is contaminated, especially with a chemical spill, is vey essential and important. Cleaning thoroughly and efficiently would remove all health and environmental hazards due to the spill. And while cleaning the place from the spills is relatively easy, disposing the hazards and contaminated materials can be tricky. A Wash assures clients that we store and dispose these waste at the right place and at the proper way.