Nobody wants to dine or eat in a dirty restaurant or diner. Customers are picky when it comes to cleanliness. Surely, nobody wants to go to a restaurant that has bugs and flies swarming around its area. Cleaning the exterior of your restaurant is the first step in attracting your potential customers.
Over time, the fa├žade of the building can be covered with dust, bird droppings and stains, and can become dirty due to the various elements that it faces every day. Failing to have it cleaned religiously can make cleaning difficult eventually.
Contractors like A Wash are adept and knowledgeable in cleaning all the areas of your restaurant. Our crew can leave your place spic and span right after we have cleaned and disinfected the place. Moreover, we assure clients that we can do the job fast and efficiently with little to no disturbance to your daily operation at all.
And with the pandemic that we are in right now, constant and regular cleaning and disinfecting especially if you have an outdoor dining area is a must. Interiors need to be disinfected as well as people are said to be more prone to infection when they are inside an air conditioned place.
Furthermore, a clean and virus free place should also smell good. It attracts more clients to dine in your place and can improve your ratings. What about the food and drink spill? That too. It has to be efficiently removed including dirt and dust, and other debris that can tarnish your place.
Having a trusted and reliable cleaning contractor like A Wash to handle your restaurant can have lots of benefits. It allows you to focus more on your operations rather than cleaning your place, gives you more time and effort, and most especially, allows you to have a much cleaner place.

Areas including:

  • Awning: remove bird drops, stains, dirt, dust
  • Front windows: remove Dust, dirt, stains & Squeegee after leaving window nice and clean
  • Walls: Graffiti, bird drops, dirt, dust
  • Sidewalk: apply disinfectant / Sweet smelling detergent that will remove any bad odors. Clean up any drink and food spill, dust, dirt

With Dining outdoor are here to stay in NYC therefore hiring A wash to routinely clean the exterior of your restaurant will provide the following benefits:

  • KILLS CORONAVIRUS on all exterior services
  • Welcome customers to a clean and sanitize dining areas. Plus, Boost rating on social media.
  • Restaurant image be in notice, nice, clean and smell good.
Restaurant Cleaning