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Residential property

Your home needs proper care and maintenance, and it also need more than just a regular clean. It has to be sanitized and disinfected once in a while if not regularly. A Wash a highly recommended cleaning service provider offer the best home and residential property cleaning and disinfection services in New York. We offer high quality cleaning service that is really affordable and easy on your pocket. We specialize in deep cleaning service, as well as moving in and moving out cleaning jobs. We can make your property neat, tidy and well-organized. Our crew has years of experience handling different types of properties as well as various residential houses. They are adept in doing general floor cleaning which includes mopping, vacuuming and washing or spraying the pathways. Our crew uses powerful vacuum cleaners allowing them to get rid of the dusts and small debris. They also utilize the appropriate cleaning solutions, making your floor clean and sanitized.
Part of our residential property cleaning service includes window cleaning, house carpet cleaning, ceiling and wall, and also mowing your yard. If you have a swimming pool, we will also thoroughly clean your pool and remove all leaves and small branches that floats on the water. Aside from your house, we will also clean the sidewalks, steps, patios and driveways by removing all moss and lichens that can make them slippery and unsightly. Dirty gates and fences, awnings and roof, do not worry we will clean them altogether. To give you peace of mind, we can also conduct fogging to fully sanitize and disinfect your home from any virus, bacteria and germs.
If you have lots of unwanted things on your yard, we will clean them and dispose the garbage properly. We will make sure that we will leave your residence cleaner, safer and very organized. To know more about how we at A Wash can help you with your cleaning woes contact us today. You can also message us through our contact form. Do not worry, absolutely no commitment when you call us!

Benefit of cleaning your residential property at a low cost:

  • Increase valve to your property
  • Safe for children to play without getting sick from dust/mold/grime/mildew
  • Prevent Expensive Repairs