Refrigeration Coil

Modern homes are equipped with Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Unit or HVAC. This provides heating and cooling to homes and offices in an instant. When taken care of, this unit can serve its purpose for a long time. However, the coil of your unit can get dirty and needs to be cleaned as often as possible. If your air conditioning unit blasts lukewarm air, chances are it needs to be cleaned or worse some part has to be replaced. A Wash has always been at the forefront of providing refrigeration coil cleaning services in New York. We are one of the most sought after and is one of the highly recommended when it comes to providing quality service at reasonable rates.
We offer refrigeration coil and HVAC cleaning jobs to all our clients along with our other cleaning services like steam wash cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, residential and commercial property cleaning and more. We have handled lots of projects like this one and we confident that our technicians can provide the solution that you demand.
So why do you need to clean your refrigeration coil regularly?
Frequent cleaning can make your unit work more efficiently, meaning you save more on electricity. A dirty coil can cause your unit to work less than it supposed to be while consuming more power. Cleaning it frequently will also result to better air flow, provides cleaner and safer air. Lastly, getting the services of reputable contractors like A Wash to look into your refrigeration coil or HVAC unit would give you peace of mind. They can check for any issues with your unit and ensure that your unit will work better and would last longer. If your coil is damaged or broken, we can replace the part if we think that is beyond repair.
Our technicians are always available to give you a hand whenever you need one. You are assured of a personal touch and quality workmanship with A Wash Inc.

Benefit of cleaning your HVAC / Refrigeration Coil.

  • Reduce Expensive repair and utility costs by improving better air follow.
  • Provide a clean and safe air ventilation from unclogging dirt/dust/mold which cause bacteria to enter in the air.