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Gas Station Cleaning

More than any other business establishments, gas station need to be cleaned and disinfected more often. It has to be washed on regular basis not only to the oil, grease and gasoline that spill on the cement but also due to the heavy volume of traffic that traverse here every day. Moreover, gum, spits and many other stains can also accumulate as lots of vehicles pull up to the pumps. And with the pandemic that we are into right now, cleaning on a more regular basis is even required to prevent the virus from spreading or infecting the workers and/or their clients and customers.
A spill of oil, grease or gasoline may not be much, but over time, these can add up and when they become very visible, the look of these stains can make your gas station less desirable to customers. Now, that is one way to loss clients and profit. Now, cleaning gas station is not like cleaning a restaurant or a business establishment. It needs special equipment to avoid any accidents. Cleaning this type of industry is unlike any other place due to the different type of liquids spills daily. And since gas stations are susceptible to catch fire and the liquids flammable, extra care has to be taken when cleaning them. Special detergent and techniques has to be used and employed in order to clean the place from different types of stain and at the same time disinfect the area from the virus thoroughly.
A Wash is one of the most recommended gas station cleaners in the area. They are capable of cleaning thoroughly all the places in the gas station. This includes the pump area, sidewalk, sign and roof, front entrance and sidewalk, and more. To avoid the accumulation of dirt, grease, oil and other stains on your gas station, now is the time to schedule your gas station cleaning. We have been serving New York for a long time. We have served and handled lots of satisfied clients and repeat customers with our specialized, efficient and thorough cleaning methods. Moreover, our workmanship is second to none, allowing us to be New York’s most sought after gas station cleaning contractor.

Cleaning include the following areas:

  • Canopy underside: remove dust, dirt, cobweb
  • Canopy column
  • Dispenser: Clean / DISINFECT handle and exterior
  • Concrete Pad: Remove GUM, dirt, grease, spill
  • Store front including Windows: Wash and squeegee
  • Store sidewalk: remove gum, dirt, grease, spill
  • Vacuum pump & Air Pump: Clean grime, dirt, dust
  • Garbage Corral: wash exterior of dumpsters, ground, remove dirt, grease, & BAD ODOR
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