Fleet washing

If you own a fleet of vehicles, cleaning them regularly can be a daunting task. Not only will it take so much time and effort, cleaning them thoroughly, efficiently and quickly can be futile unless you have people to do this task frequently. Just imagine owning 30 or more vehicles that you need to sanitize or disinfect and clean as frequently as possible. That could be very pretty tough and demanding!

A Wash Inc., has been doing in this business for years and we are successful in providing this type of service to all our clients and to our satisfied customers. We have the team of experts who can give the type of service that you need and want. We can thoroughly clean your vehicles, sanitize and disinfect them, and turn over the vehicles clean and safe to use.

Our crew can remove all the visible dirt at your vehicles, vacuum all dust and small debris off your carpet floor and dash boards, and also sanitize them for any microorganisms. We make sure that all areas are wiped dry after we clean them to prevent molds and bacteria from thriving back. Moreover, we have the experience and expertise and this allowed us to provide the quality service that you deserve. We also have the right equipment which allowing us to not only clean your vehicles inside and outside, but at the same time utilize water wisely.

A Wash Inc guarantees high quality fleet cleaning service at a price friendly to your budget. We assure all our clients that our crew uses superior materials to clean and disinfect your vehicles. Furthermore, years of experience have taught our crews and teams to provide fast yet efficient cleaning services to all types of clients, regardless how big or small, how simple or complex the job is.

Here are the benefits of washing your fleet on a routinely basis

  • Save Money and time on washing your vehicle inhouse or sending to a car wash.
  • Improve your company image, best way to advertise your business.
  • Save money by Increasing the lifetime of your fleet by removing salt, dirt, grime, grease etc., which can deteriorate a vehicle especially the undercarriage and body.
  • Drivers are happier which increase driver productivity, survey shows.
  • DOT drivers are more likely to not get STOP AND INSPECTED which affect your DOT CSA score.
  • Food industry trucks will pass safety inspection by customer.
  • Help mechanic to work easier on trucks by locating and fixed the problem quickly.